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Making soup

Mrs. Hurley’s class have been learning about the latest changes to the food pyramid on how we should be eating more fruit & veg.

The 3rd class all brought in vegetables & we made some yummy healthy autumn soup!!

They all got to enjoy the spoils after!! 

Autumn art

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School tour

  1. The Glen Resource Centre was a fantastic location for our school tour!! The children were kept busy all day with zip wiring, bungee jumping, zorbing, etc!! Perfect weather conditions too!!

Gaeilge do Thuismitheoirí

Here are a few phrases to help you encourage Irish at home
Bain triail as! = Try it/Give it a go
Cad is ainm duit? … is ainm dom. = What’s your name? … is my name.
Cá bhfuil…? = Where is…?
Níl a fhios agam. = I don’t know.
N’fheadar! = I don’t know!
Codladh sámh! = Sleep well.
Oíche mhaith! = Good night
Seán bocht! / Niamh bocht! = Poor Seán!/Poor Niamh!
Stop den phleidhcíocht! = Stop messing.
Ceart go leor! = Ok!
An bhfuil tú ceart go leor? = Are you ok?
Tá brón orm! = I’m sorry
Is breá liom… = I love…
Go bhfóire Dia orainn! = God help us!
Am lóin atá ann. = It’s lunchtime.
Cuir slacht ar an seomra. = Tidy the room!
Déan deifir! = Hurry up!
Brostaigh! = Hurry up!
Bunoscionn. = Upside down.
Táim trína chéile. = I’m addled!
Idir eatarthu = In between.
Cén t-am é? = What time is it?
An bhfuil cead agam dul… = May I go…
Mo thrua thú! = Poor you!
Isteach leat! = In you go!
Amach leat! = Out you go!
Go raibh maith agat. = Thanks.
Go raibh míle maith agat. = Thanks very much.
Fáilte romhat. = You’re welcome.
Gabh mo leithscéal. = Excuse me!
Slán! = Goodbye!
Slán go fóill. = Goodbye for now!
Is maith liom… = I like…
Is breá liom… = I love…
Ní maith liom… = I don’t like…
Is fuath liom… = I hate…
Cad atá ar an teilifís? = What’s on television?
Cad atá á dhéanamh agat? = What are you doing?
Maith thú! = Well done!/Good for you!
Ar aghaidh leat! = Off you go!
An bhfuil scáth fearthainne agat? = Do you have your umbrella?
An bhfuil do mhála scoile agat? = Do you have your school bag?
An bhfuil do mhála spóirt agat? = Do you have your sports bag?
An bhfuil do bhróga peile agat? = Do you have your football boots?
An bhfuil do chulaith shnámha agat? = Do you have your swimsuit?
An bhfuil aon obair bhaile agat? = Have you any homework?

Debating team

img_1935 img_1937 img_1938 img_1940Commiserations to the 6th class debating team who took park in the West Cork education centre debate against Knockskeagh. We were proposing the motion “We should only eat food produced in Ireland”. Sadly, they did not progress to the next round. Congratulations to everyone involved! You did the school proud!!

Indoor camphor blitz

img_1918Congratulations to the 3rd & 4th class girls who won a recent camp for blitz in Ballinacarriga hall. They are now through to the county finals.

Christmas art

1st, 2nd & 3rd class made lovely Christmas trees on Tuesday. Many different patterns & designs! They were lovely!! img_1434

Science Week

image2image1Science week 2016 was held from Nov 14th – 18th.
1st and 2nd class enjoyed learning how lava lamps work and even made their own lava lamp with oil, water, food colouring & Alka Seltzer.

They learned all about gravity and forces and made paper rockets and had a competition to see who’s could fly the furthest – Congratulations to our winner Doireann – her rocket flew 4 meters!!


Art with Miss. Murray

Some lovely “looking through the Keyhole” pictures and Halloween art that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class did with Miss Murray, our student teacher from Mary I. image3 image4 image5

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to the boys and girls in 2nd class who received their First Holy Communion in Ballinacarriga Church on Sunday 8th May.FullSizeRender

Candle Holders

2nd and 3rd class painted candle holders for Christmas.DSCF1379 DSCF1381 DSCF1382 DSCF1383 DSCF1384 DSCF1385 DSCF1387 DSCF1388


DSCF13283rd class really enjoyed baking cookies.

Colour change of t-shirts

2nd and 3rd class had great fun dyeing t-shirts.DSCF1325DSCF1327

Ms. Glavin’s Class

In Geography we learned about Mexico: learning a dance and a song and we also made Mexican maracas!

DSCF1964 DSCF1965 DSCF1966






















In Science we made wag-the-dog levers and investigated simple machines that use levers, gears, screws, wedges, inclining planes and wheels and axles.

We also leaned about The Beatles and can all sing the song Help! now.

Welcome back to all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class.

It’s great to be back! I’m really enjoying teaching 1st, 2nd and 3rd this year! They are a great bunch!!

We are taking part in the Discover Primary Science award this year, so we will have our white coats on and be busy with lots of experiments! Hopefully not blowing up anything!!

Please God we will have a funfilled and safe year!!

Farmyard Mural

2nd and 3rd created a farmyard themed mural on the wall behind the school. We all had great fun doing this!!

Joey’s trip to Ireland!

Caitlin received a letter from her friend Luisa in Australia. Luisas school are sending ‘Joey’ to different parts of the world and tracing the journey. ‘Joey’ arrived in our school in May and we decided to give him a tour of our locality. We also made a scrap book to send to Luisas school showing them all the wonderful things we do here! We hope they enjoy it!

And more apples…..

Le Crunch PhotoByte Competition

2nd and 3rd Class had great fun taking part in the Le Crunch PhotoByte Competition. They had to make their apple as creative and crazy as possible!!!

Engineering Week February 27th – March 4th

The children took part in Engineering Week 2012. This proved to be a very interesting and educational experience. The children completed the following:

String Telephone

Blasting Balloons


Apple Mummy

Mentos and Diet Coke

Potato Arch

Detecting Air Pollution

Peel a raw egg