Welcome to the official home page of Ballinacarriga National School

Ballinacarriga National School is a mixed primary school situated to the South East of Dunmanway town. We aim to create a school where all children are valued and respected in a happy, secure and challenging environment.

We currently have 85 children enrolled in our school. We have 4 classroom teachers, 1 Special Education Teacher, 1 visiting teacher, 1 Special Needs Assistant and a secretary.

We are an active school that participates in many sports such as football, hurling, camogie, rugby, swimming, dance, basketball, kid-athlons and soccer. We have 4 Green Flags and are working towards the fifth, the Biodiversity Flag. We also have the Junior Entrepreneur Flag, Active Flag and Amber Flag. We take part in many other activities such as debating, quizzes, yoga, meditation, tin whistle, guitar, dance, Christmas musicals/plays, carol services and many more.

This school year 2019/20, we are concentrating on Biodiversity, planting vegetables, creating a bee garden and promoting friendships.

A Note from the Principal, Róisín Hurley.

As principal of Ballinacarriga NS, I am so appreciative of the hard work and goodwill of the parents, pupils, staff, Parents Association and Board of Management. I would like to thank them for their continued support.
“Gach dalta mar oiltear” – Every student is as he is trained.


Latest News & Upcoming Events

  • Parent Teacher Meetings – Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd January
  • Enrolment for new Junior Infants – Wednesday 5th February from 2pm-3.30pm
  • Football with Tony Walsh starting on Thursday 13th February for 6 weeks
  • Confirmation – Monday 27th April
  • Anti Cyberbullying/Internet Safety Workshop – Thursday 30th April
  • First Holy Communion – Saturday 9th May
  • Cork City Sports – Friday 29th May – CIT




Enrolment Application Form

 A)   Child’s Details


Child’s Full Name (as on Birth Certificate)

First Name:  _____________________                          Surname:   ____________________________

Gender:        _____________________                         Date of Birth:       ____________________________

Nationality:  _____________________                          Language spoken at home:  ____________________

PPS No:       _____________________

Address:      _______________________________________________________________________________

Eircode:      _____________________


B)  Religion

Religion:     _____________________                                  Baptised:          Yes  □   No  □

Place of baptism (if applicable):  __________________________________


C)  Previous Education 

Has your child attended a pre-school:          Yes  □   No  □

Previous primary school (if any):  _________________________________

Class your child is entering:  ____________________________


D)  Family Details

Number of children in the family:  _______

Place of this child in the family:  _______

Are there any orders or other arrangements in place governing access to or custody of your child?



E)  Contact Details:

Parent’s First Name:  _____________________                                Surname:   ______________________________

Contact No:   ___________________________

Email Address:  _________________________________________________________________________


Parent’s  First Name:  ____________________                  Surname:   ______________________________

Contact No:   ___________________________

Email Address:  _________________________________________________________________________


Emergency Contact  Name:  __________________________________

Relationship to child:  _________________________________

Contact No:  ________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCE: ___________________________________________________

TEXT-A-PARENT MOBILE NUMBER:  _____________________________________

One number only per family.  This number  will receive text message from school with school updates or reminders.


F)  Medical History


Does your child suffer from any medical conditions which may affect your child attending school ?


If your child has been referred for professional help to a speech therapist, psychologist, social worker or any other specialist, please give details


Report Available:          Yes  □   No  □

Family Doctor Details:

Name:  ______________________________                    Contact  No:   ____________________________

G) Permission

 I/We consent to the following:

  1. To comply with the implementation of Ballinacarriga’s Code of Behaviour including the school rules Yes  □   No  □
  2. To comply with the implementation of Ballinacarriga National School’s complaint/concern procedure  Yes  □   No  □
  3. To a doctor being contacted and my child being taken to hospital in case of an emergency, if I/we cannot be contacted Yes  □   No  □
  4. To the inclusion of my child’s photograph or video clip on the school website or for school events being reported on, in local or national newsletters and newspapers  Yes  □   No  □
  5. To my child’s uniform being changed by a staff member in the presence of another staff member in case of illness or a toilet accident Yes  □   No  □
  6. To the inclusion of my child in Liturgical Celebrations and participation in the Catholic Religious Education Programme with Ballinacarriga’s Catholic ethos (e.g. School mass, Sacrament of Reconciliation etc.)  Yes  □   No  □
  7. To give permission for my child to go on school trips under teacher supervision (e.g. trips to the local town park, local historical buildings, school matches, school tours etc.) Yes  □   No  □
  8. To allow my child to the special education teacher for support (if necessary)  Yes  □   No  □
  9. To give my contact details to the HSE School Nurse, Doctor and Dentist Yes  □   No  □
  10. To the inclusion of the information provided on this Enrolment Application Form to the Department of Education’s Primary Online Database upon my child’s enrolment in Ballinacarriga N.S. Yes □   No  □
  11. To put a plaster on my child Yes □   No  □
  12. For my child to use the computers in the school in line with our Acceptance Use Policy Yes □   No  □
  13. To allow my child to enter school competitions and for their name and date of birth to be shared with the organisers Yes □   No  □

I/We agree to familiarise myself/ourselves with all school policies, agree to abide by them and agree to discuss them at an appropriate level with my child.


Parent/Guardian Signature:  ________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature:  ________________________________________

Date:  ____________________________


Please make sure the school is aware as early as possible of any family situation such as bereavement, separation, custody issue or ill health that could impact on your child, so that we can be as supportive as possible.


Please attach a copy of your Child’s Birth Certificate as this is required for enrolment purposes.


Thank you for providing the information requested in this ‘Enrolment Application Form’.  The information supplied will assist us in supporting your child if/when he/she is enrolled as a pupil in Ballinacarriga N.S.  The information will be treated as private and confidential and will be released to staff members on a need to know basis only.




School Calendar 2019 / 2020

Inservice training (New Language Curriculum) – Wednesday 19th February – School closes at 12pm

February Mid-term: School closed  –  Thursday 20th and Friday 21st February

St. Patrick’s Day Observance: School closed  –  Monday 16th  & Tuesday 17th March

Easter Holidays: School closes on Friday 3rd  April at 12pm  and re-opens Monday 20th April

May Bank Holiday: School closed  –  Monday 4th May

June Bank Holiday: School closed  –  Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd  June

Summer Holidays: School closes Wednesday 24th  June at 12pm


Our Official Opening times are

9.10 am-1.50 pm (Junior and Senior Infants)
9.10 am-2.50 pm (First Class-Sixth Class)