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Active week – Jiving

All the children learned the basic steps for jiving during active week.

Dancing is a fun way to keep active.

All the children picked it up very fast; be sure to ask them to show you.

Active week – Pancake races

On Shrove Tuesday the children brought in pans and pancakes. Each class took part in a pancake race; the children had to run while flipping their pancake to get to the finish line. It was very enjoyable for all the children.




Active Week- Yoga

img_2152 img_2153Read more: Active Week- Yoga

Active Week-Football

  • Tony Walsh came for our last football session. We played lots of games & then we got sweets!! Thanks Tony!!
  • img_2194
  • img_2195

World Book Day

img_2159 img_2160 img_2161 img_2168 img_2169 img_2170 img_2172 img_2173 img_2174 img_2175img_2177 img_2178 img_2179 img_2180 img_2181 img_2182 img_2183 img_2184 img_2186 img_2187img_2188 img_2189 img_2190Thursday 2nd March was World Book Day. The staff & students dressed up as characters from their favourite book! The children told us about their character & their favourite bits of the book.

We got active with World Book Day activities:

In groups of 5/6, the children raced to pass books from one side of the room to the other- it ended in a draw between 2 teams- very exciting stuff!! 😬

Active Week- cycle sense

Catherine Russell from the Green Schools initiative took each class for lessons on the following;

how to make sure your bike is safe,

rules of the road,

cycle safety.

Some children brought their scooters instead of bikes. This workshop was to encourage activity but also to promote cycling or scooting instead of always jumping in the car!

A very enjoyable day was had by all!!


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Active Week- Circuits

img_2120 img_2121 img_2122 img_2123 img_2130 img_2106 img_2110Jonathan Davis from Body Active did some fun circuits with the children of Ballinacarriga today!! Lots of fun games & movement all round…and a few banged heads!!

Active Week- Aerobics

Anna O Neill offered to do aerobics with the children on Monday afternoon.

We marched, jumped and leaped around the middle room to music! It was great fun & enjoyed by all!!

Thanks Anna!!! img_2086 img_2087 img_2090 img_2097 img_2098

Active week- Basketball

img_2095 img_2099 img_2101 img_2102 img_2104Basketball with Kevin Murphy kicked off our Active Week.

The children took part in basketball training in their class groups at Ballinacarriga Hall.

They practiced dribbling, passing and shooting, followed by a game.

It was enjoyed by all!!

Thanks kevin!!

Achievements:Gymnastics and Tae Kwon do

The children in Ballinacarriga N.S. take part in a wide range of physical activity outside of school. Below are just a few of the children who have taken part in gymnastics and tae kwon do competitions and brought in their medals to school to celebrate their success.




10 @ 10

All the children had a fantastic time taking part in Operation Transformation’s 10 @ 10 on the 10th of February to promote physical activity in school. Have a look at the videos below to see how they got on.


video video_1

Physical Activity: Hurling & Camogie

Congrats to the 3rd & 4th class boys & girls who have reached the finals in hurling and camogie in Cork. Dates to be finalised.20170215_120604 20170215_120851

Physical Activity: Hurling blitz

img_1934Congratulations to the 2nd, 3rd & 4th class boys who won their hurling blitz today in Ballinacarriga. They beat 4 other schools to progress to the county finals to be held in march in cork. Well done!

Active School Information

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Indoor camphor blitz

img_1918Congratulations to the 3rd & 4th class girls who won a recent camp for blitz in Ballinacarriga hall. They are now through to the county finals.

Physical Activity: Senior Playground Leaders

Everyday the children in the senior classroom take out the P.E. equipment for the children to use during their lunch time and tidy them up after the lunch.

These children have decided to now become senior playground leaders. This week the senior classroom decided being a senior playground leader means they should care for each other, include everyone, ensure everyone is having fun and try to get everyone moving throughout the breaks.

Our physical health is so important at all stages of our lives; it is vital we get into healthy and active habits as early in our lives as possible.


Partnerships: Road Safety

An education officer from the RSA came to the school this week to advise the children of how to be as safe as possible when travelling.

With the active school initiative the children are often walking on the roads to the hall or with N.C.T. so it was great for them to be given extra tips on how to travel safely.

The green school are also working on their next green flag and their focus is travel. These two committees worked together to ensure the whole school know the best and safest ways to travel.




The senior classroom are half way through the rugby workshop which they are doing for six weeks. They are learning different strategies to develop their rugby skills and knowledge. It is great to see their skills improving and just in time for the Six Nations.


rugby-1 rugby-3 rugby

Inside our classrooms on a wet lunchtime

It was the junior infants turn, while it was raining, to carry out circuits indoors during lunch time while the older classes did zumba and yoga in their rooms. Circuits are a great way for children to experience different exercises.


circuits-1 circuits-2 circuits-3yoga


Physical Activity: Morning Movements

Below are our morning activities which we carry out before school each day.