Month: February 2021

Covid 19 Response Plan

Covid 19 Response Plan

Welcome to Ballinacarriga NS

Lockdown Art

Lockdown art from 3rd and 4th class.  The children were to create a self-portrait using only household items!

The Children of Lir

1st & 2nd class have been reading the story ‘The children of Lir’. We have read, acted out and even wrote the story in our own words.


1st & 2nd class focused on the theme of dance in PE and learned lots of new moves.

We even performed uptown funk as part of our Christmas show.

Different types of houses

1st & 2nd class  have been learning about the different types of houses and homes such as detached, apartment, bungalow and semi-detached. We drew pictures of our homes, wrote about our homes and even built a place we would like to live in.



School Planter

We have been busy planting new flowers and even some daffodils in our garden.

Music with Ger Wolfe

This year 1st & 2nd class have been learning how to play chords and simple songs on the ukulele with Ger Wolfe our music teacher.

Fish Tank

Some of the boys in 1st & 2nd class were very excited to see the new arrival of our fish tank, new fish and the very important Ninja the school turtle.

Admissions Policy

admissions policy April 2020 (3)