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Farm Fun

Miss Kelly’s Class enjoyed a visit from Dad and Farmer, Aidan O Driscoll on 26th of September.

Aidan told us about the different types of farming.  He showed us pictures of things you would find if you visited the O’ Driscoll Farm. He described some of the work done on the farm every day and he taught us about all the delicious foods made from mik.

We really enjoyed Aidan’s lesson, we send him a big thanks for taking the time to visit us.

Here are some of the pictures he showed us:


Wecome New Junior Infants

Welcome back everyone and a big welcome to our new class of Junior Infants and our two new children in Senior Infants!

Our calender has now been updated until Christmas, keep an eye out for upcoming holidays.

PE day is Friday for now, Tin Whistle is on Tuesday mornings and milk will start on the week of the 17th of September.

Investigating Slopes

We did a lot of talking about slopes. When we thought about slopes we thought about the following words: steep, mountain, stairs, ‘slanty’, up and down.

We thought slopes were useful for wheelchair ramps, slides, skiing and rolling down!

We thought they could be dangerous if you go down them too quickly or if they were slippy.

We made our own slopes using empty kitchen rolls cut in half, blocks and blutack.  We rolled marbles down them.  We changed the height of the slope and the surface the marble rolled on to.

We discovered that the higher the slope the further the marble went BUT if we made the slope too high the marble just crashed!

We also discovered that the marble travelled faster and further on smooth surfaces and bumpy surfaces only slowed them down or stopped them.

Easter Art

Before the Easter Holidays we enjoyed having Mr. Aherne teaching us. He helped Jennifer and us to make these lovely Easter bonnets!


Spring is here! (With a while now I know!)
Miss Kelly’s class went on a spring hunt in February.
We found lots of signs that spring had arrived.

One sign of spring that we could not find near school was baby animals. Lucky for us, one of the Junior Infants had a bright idea.
Thanks Patrick!